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Welcome to the eBook user guide! We know that using a new technology (such as electronic books) can be exciting and frustrating all at the same time! Hopefully the resources here will help to eliminate the frustration so that using eBooks for class and pleasure will be a fun and easier way to read and do school work. 


If you have any questions that are not addressed here, or require further clarification, please contact the library. We will be happy to work with you until your problem or question is resolved.

Advantages of an eBook

  • It's easy to look up definitions - you don't have to track down a dictionary!


  • You can search for specific words or phrases - making it easy to locate information without re-reading or skimming the entire book.


  • The computer will read the book out loud to you - allowing you to do something else (like take better notes!).


  • You can zoom to a larger font or change text font for easier reading.


  • Set the text to scroll at different speeds so you don't have to constantly click the scroll arrow.


  • You don't need a light to read them - just turn your computer/tablet/phone on!


  • They are GREAT for the environment - they save trees and paper and avoid pollution!